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JRS College of Business and Healthcare Inc., is a private career college situated in the bustling city of Toronto. Over the past decade, the college has provided its students professional knowledge, latest educational curriculum, job-training, and the skills to meet the demand of the utterly competitive job market.

Designated Learning Institution

Designated Learning Institution

Business and Health Care Inc.

Business and Health Care Inc.

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At JRS College of Business and Healthcare, we value diversity and that is why we offer equal opportunity to everyone regardless of their nationality, race, gender, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, age, gender identity or expression, marital status, disability, family status, conviction, and disability.

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    We make sure that students immerse themselves in work terms and field placement to maximise their skills, readying them for the actual job world,or for further studies. Co-op and work terms gives students a chance to apply their theoretical knowledge into practical situations

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    We make sure that students immerse themselves in work terms and field placement to maximise their skills, readying them for the actual job world, or for further studies.

    Frequently Asked Questions for Applicants

    How You Qualify for Second Career

    As a start, you qualify for Second Career if:

    • you have been laid-off on or after January 1, 2005
    • are unemployed
    • you are a resident of Ontario
    • you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident or a convention refugee claimant who meets the requirements (talk to an Employment Advisor to confirm eligibility)
    • you can demonstrate that there is a demand in the labour market for the occupation you want training in and evidence that there are good employment prospects locally or within Ontario

    If you’re receiving Employment Insurance (EI), or have in the past, you can still apply.

    When preparing your application, you are required to show:

    • how long you have been unemployed, or have been working your temporary job, and looking for work
    • places you have applied and positions you have applied for (for example cover letters, CV/resume, and responses from potential employers)
    • level of education you have obtained
    • previous employment, how long you worked there, and skills that were required
    • what skills and knowledge you want to obtain and where this training is offered?


    Fast Track – Laid-Off Due to COVID-19

    You may qualify for the Second Career Fast Track program if:

    • you were laid-off since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic (laid-off on or after March 1, 2020)
    • you have a high school education or less or laid-off from an occupation requiring high school education or less
    • you were laid-off from occupations hardest hit by COVID-19 such as hospitality and food services, transportation and warehousing or wholesale and retail trade
    • you are seeking training for occupations in demand in local communities or provincial priority areas, which are: Information and Communication Technology, Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing

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    You may qualify for a financial assistance of up to $28,000.00 for costs including:

    • Tuition
    • Books
    • Living expenses
    • Childcare
    • Travel
    • Transportation
    • Disability supports
    • Basic living allowance (during skill training)

    Please contact us on 416 292 2455 and our Employment Counsellor will take it from there.

    Once you have met eligibility, your Employment Counsellor at the Assessment Centre will work with you to determine a career path plan for you.

    Please call on us 416 292 2455 or visit us for Registration and more information on the listing of all our programs and review the admission requirement of the program you wish to pursue.

    Your JRS Employment Counsellor will assist you with deciding which program to take and your career search.

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    We believe in offering students a world-class education