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JRS College of Business and Healthcare Inc., is a private career college situated in the bustling city of Toronto. Over the past decade, the college has provided its students professional knowledge, latest educational curriculum, job-training, and the skills to meet the demand of the utterly competitive job market.

The prime objective of JRS is to help its students upgrade their skills in coherence to the fast-paced technologies and new inventions while offering them a world class education. At JRS, students can choose from full-time and part-time diplomas, flexible class schedules and a comfortable payment plan

JRS College of Business and Health Care Inc. is approved as Designated Learning Institution (DLI) by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and our DLI # is O19396019413.

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More than 7840 students are registered

Our Values


Our courses are curated in coherence with industry professionals so that the educators impart job ready, comprehensive skills to the students to give them an edge in the real-world job market.


We don’t discriminate our students based on their age, nationality, background, or professional qualifications. We at JRS, accept and value you and make sure we align our courses to your educational aspirations.


We understand that you have commitments, be it personal or professional. We make sure to offer you online education options and multiple intakes a year so that you dont have to halt your life to study with us.

Approved Programs
Approved Programs
Academic Departments
Academic Departments


Why choose Us?

  • Real-world experience: At JRS, we believe in offering students a world-class education, enriched with real-world experience. We make sure that students immerse themselves in work terms and field placement to maximise their skills, readying them for the actual job world, or for further studies. Co-op and work terms gives students a chance to apply their theoretical knowledge into practical situations.
  • Student Services and  Support: JRS College of Business and Healthcare has multiple student support services:
    • Accessibility Services: We make sure no disability comes in way of your learning. With appropriate documentation, we help you with academic accommodations, adaptive technologies and learning specific skills to help you engage fully in your program.
    • Student Counselling: If a student is facing any issue, personal or professional, counsellors help the students through these difficulties in life.
    • Library: JRS offers multiple offline and online services for on-campus and off-campus learning. Our digital collection of databases, books, magazines, journals and videos are tailored to your learning, research and recreational interests.
    • Learning Support: We help those who need that extra help. Tutoring, workshops, one-on-one sessions, exam prep and online learning support are available to help the students achieve success in their programs.
    • Student Advising: Students get a dedicated student advisor who have program-specific knowledge to assist them throughout the program to help them achieve their educational goals.
    • International Student Services: We make sure that international students feel assimilated when they move here from their home countries. The college also has a full time, dedicated RCIC consultant to support immigration needs of international students and ensure they get right immigration related guidance.
  • Research: Our programs are relevant to industry and focused on the students. We get students in touch with industry professionals and our community partners so that they can engage with them in educationally relevant and collaborative programs. The students get access to our resources, and with the help of our extremely talented faculty, students gain a lot more in the duration of their courses/programs.