Office Assistant Diploma

Office Assistant Diploma at JRS College of Business and Health Care Inc. introduces students to office administrations and its many facets in the business world. This program provides both the theory and practice for the student to succeed in an entry-level administrative position. Through this program graduates attain necessary skills to compile, verify, record and process documents such as applications, agreements, and letters in accordance with established procedures, guidelines, and schedules. This program provides the much-needed training and preparation that enables graduates to work in the business office of any organization.


The course teaches the students the rules of the language in an easy, yet comprehensive manner. The course involves reviewing sentences and their structures, grammatical errors and stylist conventions in business and professional writing.

The course teaches the students contemporary English grammar standards and organizational writing patterns to create a strong foundation for writing and organizing tasks in an official setting.

The students are taught the use of Microsoft Excel so that they can create and format spreadsheets to analyze and manage data and make informed business decisions. The students are taught how to create, edit, format and print workbooks; use mathematical formulas and functions; create and format charts and shapes; insert images; cut, copy and paste data.

Microsoft Access is a computerized database that allows you to manipulate, link, chart, query and report your data to customize the information you need. The course involves teaching students to create databases, view, format, manage and modify data tables and fields as well as creating forms, queries, reports and exploring data relationships using its pull-down menus, toolbars, and dialog boxes.

Students combine advanced word processing techniques and basic design principles to make a variety of printed materials like business cards, letterheads, stationery, posters, etc., using a popular word processing program. The courses practical approach makes sure that students learn to design professional and real-life matter required in a business setup.

The students are taught effective and practical writing skills to ensure proper business communication. The curriculum teaches students to compose efficient memos, letters, emails, correspondence, etc., focusing on persuasive and routine message. Basic grammar and review are also included.

The course covers the concepts of interpersonal communication to encourage students to examine their own self-esteem, self-concepts, and perception processes as they learn how to develop positive relationships in a professional setting. Students are taught the basic skills and intricacies required for great interpersonal relationships, learning how they are initiated and kept and how to save them from deteriorating. The students are also taught of the challenges involved in interpersonal communications.

  • Accounting Basics I

    The course introduces students on how to use accounting information to meet the needs of external and internal users via effective and efficient communication. Besides, it teaches the students about what accounting information is required by a business to clearly show the result of operating information required over the enterprise’s operating life. The course introduces students to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), its interpretation and the preparation of financial statements and the use of the same in business records.

  • Introduction to Human Resources Management
    • The course institutes in the students the diversity of Human Resource Management and its role in the current business environment. Case studies link the theoretical and the practical components of the subject. Some of the topics covered in the course are:
    • Recruitment and Selection
    • Employee Rights
    • The business environment
    • Safety and Representations and Strategic Issues and Challenges in Human Resources Management
    • Employee Development and Evaluation
    • Compensation and Benefits
These topics acquaint the students with both, the global and the domestic environments.
  • Professional Selling

This course deals primarily with Business to Business Selling to teach the students the fundamentals of sales process, relationship building, needs analysis and consultative selling. Students develop interactive skills via case studies, self-evaluation practices and presentations, as the course develops their professionalism, confidence, and the communication skills.


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